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Construction Management is a feasible cost saving option to the traditional general contractor method of building projects. The two parts to a Construction Management project are pre-construction planning and the construction itself.

As your Construction Manager, Olympic Construction will:

  • Review design documents

  • Forecast cash flow requirements

  • Devise schedules

  • Supply subcontractor bid packages

  • Screen subcontractor qualifications

  • Lead pre-bid and award meetings with subcontractors

  • Provide cost control and check estimate services

  • Conduct constructability reviews

  • Continually re-evaluate project to reduce costs and schedules

  • Accelerate design process with committed involvement with customer and A/E

  • Assess local construction market for possible labor constraints and material availability and reflect formation on budget and schedule forecast and planning

  • Identify long lead items and co-ordinate procurement activities

  • Devise safety and quality control plans

  • Organize all project records

  • Provide value engineering

  • Develop project status reports

  • Manage all required applications and documents necessary for all permits and Municipal approvals

  • Pre-Planning Phase

The best way to save money and time on your project is before construction begins. The Construction Manager works with the client and the Architect and represents the client’s interests throughout the project. As your Construction Manager, Olympic Construction would devise detailed and realistic construction schedules, outlining goals for every phase of construction. Olympic would then assist you in selecting experienced, qualified subcontractors with proven performance records, ensuring you quality and competitive pricing. Throughout the entire design process Olympic will create practical and reliable estimates to keep the scope and budget in proper alignment. Thorough assessments of the design documents will be conducted by Olympic as the documents are prepared to minimize construction issues and possible delays. All expenses and charges to the project will be recorded and documented. itself.

  • Construction Phase

 As your Construction Manager, Olympic Construction will manage all phases of the construction process. Our on-site Superintendent will oversee day-to-day operations to assure that your project comes together within budget and on schedule. The actual construction phase of the project is usually the smoothest and most uneventful part due to our comprehensive pre-planning. Our project managers, superintendents and project assistants keep the project moving efficiently.

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